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HousingIQ Survey of Kentucky REALTORS® – March 2020

Home sellers take wait-and-see approach as buyers discouraged by stock market correction

Nearly two out of three REALTORS® — 65% — said their buyers were significantly discouraged by the recent stock market correction, according to the March 2020 edition of the HousingIQ Survey of Kentucky REALTORS®. 84% of the over 700 REALTORS® from across Kentucky reported that their sellers had not removed their homes from the market due to coronavirus fears.

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Housing Millennials

Heartland Forward’s new research, “Millennials Find New Hope In The Heartland“, finds the Heartland to be an increasingly attractive destination for millennials to live and work in. Attracting millennials is key to the future economic growth of any area. A healthy housing market contributes to the appeal of an area, benefits from economic growth, and fosters economic vitality.

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California Housing Market Vitality – August 2019

Eight metro housing markets forecasted to outperform national market
Fourteen markets forecasted to underperform national market

The recently released California Association of Realtors (CAR) 2020 Housing Market Forecast projects a 4.1% increase in California median home prices in 2019 and a 2.5% increase in 2020.  Such aggregate data from economists who have their ears closest to the ground is extremely valuable.  HousingIQ adds actionable details to the headline.

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10 housing markets for single family rental investors

The local population is better educated. They work in the knowledge economy. They make a good living. And they need a place to call home. Hiccups, cooling-offs, moderations, … notwithstanding, houses have become increasingly unaffordable in these markets. Which presents single family rental (SFR) investors an opportunity for income and long-term appreciation.

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The data behind the housing market optimism and weakness

In mid-June, Nobel laureate Robert Shiller summarized the upbeat findings of a housing survey with “At an average rate of more than 6%, household expectations for home prices over the next 12 months are remarkably high.”  He described the expectations as reflecting a “healthy optimism”.

So what’s behind the optimism?  Can we measure it?  Can we explore it? 

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Knowledge-economy and house prices: positively related

Plentiful, better paying jobs drive local housing markets.  This link between economic performance and metro housing markets underlies the Housing Market Vitality Indicators (HMVI).  With over 100 months of historic data covering all metro areas, the HMVI are well-studied, tested, and validated.   What has been missing thus far is an independent assessment of metropolitan area economic performance.  

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