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HousingIQ: Q1 2019 Housing Market Vitality Highlights

The US Housing Market Vitality Indicator averaged 106.3 during the quarter – a negligible 0.1% drop from a year ago.   Values greater than 100 correspond to underlying economic factors exerting a positive impact on future house prices.  Market strength was widespread with 391 out of the 402 metro markets (97.3%) tracked by HousingIQ being positively impacted by economic factors.  Q1 2019 ends with 164 metro markets (40.8%) forecasted to outperform the national market.

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When crowdfunding residential real estate, don’t ignore location.

Real estate has long been an attractive investment vehicle that has been out of reach for most individual investors.  Crowdfunding real estate sites offer individual investors an opportunity to gain exposure to this asset class.  These sites allow individuals to participate in private deals with small amounts of cash.  By making multiple, smaller dollar investments across platforms, individuals can gain additional benefits of diversification — reduced risk and potentially higher returns.

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HousingIQ: Fact-based, actionable insights about the housing market

What we pay for a house is determined by a myriad of interconnected factors–how much we make; how we feel about the future; the state of the economy; the availability of properties for sale, …. Aggregate indicators reflecting these factors are routinely published, duly reported, and oftentimes present contradictory signals. Making sense of them is hard. All we want to know is: How will this impact house prices?  And pretty please, How will this impact house prices in my backyard?

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